Directorate of Works & Services

The Works and Services Directorate (W&SD) plays a significant role in the development of FATA, as it provides services in creating physical infrastructure related to building, roads, water supply and sanitation sectors. As an executing agency, it carries out construction on behalf of other line directorates.

It is headed by a Chief Engineer, with executive engineers as his representatives in each agency. The major responsibilities of the directorate are to carry out surveys, detail engineering designs, costing, construction supervision, quality control and contract administration. The directorate carries out market surveys to ascertain construction rates, laboratory testing for standardization of material and quality control, architectural designing and regulations that govern the contracts. Apart from this, the directorate carries out annual operation, maintenance and repair of physical assets.

Strengths and Opportunities in the Sector

  • Increase in maintenance and repair fund can avoid the negative effects of deferred maintenance and the burden of costly rehabilitation on the Annual Development Plan.
  • Road, bridge and water supply infrastructure management using digitized mapping in FATA has a strong link with better planning and optimization of resources.
  • Improving capacity of the Works and Service Directorate has a strong link with enhancing quality control measures and portfolio management.
  • Focused attention in this sector can provide facilitation to the people in increasing access to local and national markets, thus, resulting in greater economic activity in the area.
  • Improvement and development of the sector will also improve law and order and the security situation in FATA.

Development Strategies

  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of existing networks to take priority.
  • Connecting far flung areas to the main centers of FATA and national cities. Priority should be to maintain good links of agencies with the provincial and the national highway networks.
  • A strategic priority is to interlink the centers of the agencies.
  • In order to ensure greater border control, a well maintained road and bridge network is needed.
  • Introduce basic prequalification framework to regulate the existing private sector involvement and ensure better quality of works.
  • Streamline the decision making process in such a way that due regard is given to technical and economic aspects rather than just political.
  • Enhancing and rationalizing the existing road maintenance criteria.
  • Introduction of prequalification criteria for contractor selection.
  • Assessing the current and future needs for government housing and buildings in the agency and tehsil headquarters.
  • Providing residential and non-residential accommodation for government servants working in the remote areas.
  • Developing capacities of the local people to take over government and project functions in the tribal areas.
  • Identifying feasible locations for housings and buildings in agency and tehsil headquarters.
  • Facilitating the locals of FATA for an easy access to the government offices in connection with their daily routines.