Law and Order Department

It is headed by a secretary, who looks after the affairs of law and order in FATA, in order to ensure peace.

Business of the Department

The Law & Order Department is responsible for the following matters:

1.     Intelligence reports.

2.     Liaison between armed forces/law enforcement agencies and FATA Secretariat.

3.     Communications security.

4.     Treaties and agreements with tribes in FATA.

5.     Issuance of NOCs for foreigners to visit FATA.

6.     Frontier Crimes Regulation.

7.     Matters relating to the internal security of FATA.

8.     Policy regarding arms, firearms, ammunition and explosives in FATA.

9.     Territorial jurisdiction of FATA and changes in the boundaries of its administrative regions i.e. in agencies/FRs.

10.  Political disputes in FATA.

11.  Security and operation of cypher communications.

12.  Coordination amongst political administration in FATA.

13.  Matters relating to the Durand Line.

14.  Application of laws in FATA.

15.  Matters relating to Mawajib, Maliki and Lungi allowances.

16.  Matters relating to FC, Khassadars and Levies.

17.  All matters relating to narcotics control in FATA.

18.  Matters relating to the agency/FR councils.

19.  Agency Development Fund of all Political Agents to be audited by the Law & Order Department.

20.  All matters related to the FATA Tribunal.