Finance Department

It is headed by a Secretary Finance, who manages the financial matters of the government in tribal affairs.

Business of the Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the following matters:

1. Management of public funds.

·         Supervision and control of federal finances, allocated for FATA (both Current and Development).

·         Preparation, examination and consolidation of the FATA budget (Current Expenditure Budget).

·         Preparation of supplementary estimates and demands for additional grants (Both Current and Development).

·         Appropriation and re-appropriation of Current and Development Budget.

·         Examination of New Item Statement (NIS) and proposals for the creation of posts.

·         All other matters relating to public finance pertaining to FATA.

·         Administration of public revenue in FATA.

2. FATA Accounts and Audit, Public Accounts Committee and Departmental Accounts Committee.

3. Framing of fiscal policies for guidance of departments and supervision and maintenance of accounts.

4. Examination and advice on matters, directly or indirectly affecting the finances of FATA.

5. Advice on matters of financial regulation/civil service rules relating to FATA employees.

6. Banking and placement of funds in banks/DFIs.

7. Delegation of financial powers.

8. Agency Accounts Offices.

9. Secretary Finance acts as Chief Finance and Accounts Officer to Principal Accounting Officer for FATA grants.

10. Functions of the financial advisor as notified by the Federal Government.