Leasing Procedure

  • Application.
  • Attested of copy NIC.
  • Attested Copy of Domicile Certificate.
  • Attested Copy of Property Certificate.
  • Attested Copy of Character Certificate
  • Rough Sketch of the area.
  • Application Form of Prospecting License duly completed.
  • QuomiAgreement on proper format.
  • Incase of Company/firm, the Proof regarding registration and Partnership Deed Agreement is required
  • Original bank receipt for P/L Rs.1950/-.
  • Security deposit for Prospection License Rs. 5/-per acre subject to a minimum of Rs. 5000/-.
  • Departmental Demarcation Fee Rs. 5000/-
  • Advance Annual fee Rs 5 per acre for one year .
  • First renewal fee Rs 10 per acre.
  • Area position (free or overlap).
  • Authentication of QuomiAgreement and issuance of N.O.C by the Political Agent.
  • Departmental Demarcation of the area.
  • Prospecting License is then issued by the Licensing Authority for a maximum period of two (2) years extendable up to five (5) years .


After successful Prospection, the licensee can apply for grant of Mining Lease which requires.

  1. Submission of Application Form of Mining Lease duly completed along with application fee.
  2. Security deposit of Rs. 6/-per acre subject to minimum of Rs. 8000/-.
  3. Large Scale Maps of the area.
  4. Mining Scheme duly signed by a Mining Engineer.
  5. Mine SardarCertificate.
  6. Geological Report of the area.
  7. Mining Lease is then granted for a period not exceeding thirty years or the period representing the life of the mine based on exploration/evaluation of a mineral deposit and the development work plan,asdetermined by the Licensing Authority, whichever is lesser, as may be specified in the lease