The history of Waziristan as a whole is fascinating. Several empires, such as, the Mughals and Durranis tried to conquer it in vein. This was because the people of Waziristan are known as the finest fighters in the world.

During the British rule, Waziristan was considered so turbulent that at one stage it was handed over to the Army High Command and administered from Delhi. In the 1930s, it was estimated that there were more troops in Waziristan than in the rest of the Indian sub-continent .Waziristan did not come under British control until November 1893, when the Amir of Afghanistan signed a treaty renouncing all claims to these territories. The North Waziristan Agency (NWA) was declared an agency in 1910.

The famous Tochi Pass in NWA serves as the main corridor to the agency. Historically, armies, people and cultures have moved in and out of the agency through this pass. The Tochi Pass connects Bannu District with the Ghazni Province of Afghanistan.