According to the 1998 census, the total population of FR Kohat was 88,456, including 45,472 (51.40%) males and 42,984 (48.59%) females. As per the 1998 census, population density in the FR Kohat is 198 persons per kilometer, and the annual growth rate is 2.59%.

The main tribes of F.R Kohat are Zarghun Khel, Akhorwal, Sherakai, Tor Chapper, Bosti Khel and Jawaki.

Places of Interest
The main places of interest in FR Kohar are:

  1. Dara Adam Khel: This is the most important valley, also called Kohat Pass. The Kohat Pass in FR Kohat has also been a historic highway for invasion, just like the Khyber Pass. The road from Peshawar to Kohat runs through the area of Dara Adam Khel. It has the world famous informal arms industry. It is also the birth place of famous Ajab khan (the famous independence warrior).
  2.  Tor Sapar: It is the most fertile part of the FR Kohat.