Directorate of Local Government and Rural Development

The Directorate of Local Government and Rural Development (LG&RD) is headed by a director with assistant directors as his representatives in each agency. The directorate has access to communities at the grassroots level and works closely with tribal elders, maliks, counselors and Political Agent (PA) of the respective agencies. It is the only directorate which is attached with the office of the PA in the respective agencies, therefore all projects are undertaken through the political administration (the PA also acts as the project director of the local government schemes). The LG&RD handles mostly small scale projects at the ground level such as hand pumps, dug wells, sanitation, small roads and irrigation schemes such as bore holes and open wells. The current practice for identification of schemes and projects is a combination of needs based demands of the community and consultations with the relevant authority.

Strengths and Opportunities in the Sector

  • This sector works closely with the communities and is therefore involved in the uplift of the very poor part of the tribal society. Any improvement through this sector will directly benefit the local level tribal people.
  • Current development approach can be changed by adopting a community based development approach. As the directorate works with the local people, it can organize them in different community groups to share the responsibility of development with the public sector.
  • The capacity building of directorate would meet the growing demands and challenges of the developmental works at the grassroots level.

Development Strategy

  • Provision of clean drinking water and sanitation facilities at household and community level.
  • Provision of access to market from rural agriculture productive areas.
  • Provision of social welfare services to the female population of FATA.
  • Provision of recreational facilities in FATA.