Location and Area
FR Tank, commonly referred to as FR Tank or Bhittani area, shares its southeastern boundary with the settled district of Tank and is thus, named after it.  It has a total area of 1,221 square kilometers. The region shares its borders in the north, south and west with South Waziristan agency, in the northeast with Lakki Marwat District and in the southeast with Tank District.

The Bhitanni Hills are extremely rough and almost devoid of greenery. The highest point of the region is 1,943 m (6,375 ft.), above sea level, located near the northern border on the watershed of Zia Plaiwan Stream. Most of the streams which originate from the region are seasonal and normally end up in the arid plains of Dera Ismail Khan District.

The climate of the area is moderate. The region experiences extreme weather i.e. hot summers and cold winters. The summer season starts in April and lasts in October, with June, July and August being the hottest months. The winter season is from November to March, with December, January and February as the coldest months.

Land Use
It is mostly covered by the dry Bhittani Hills, gradually sloping from northwest towards southeast. Its most cultivable land is barani (rain-fed), except the land of Sohbati Katch area, where farmers get water from Tank Zam Dam for irrigation purpose. There is sufficient land available in the Saraghar, Pirtangi and Ping area, which can be cultivated, but in the absence of the water schemes, the land will remain as barani (rain-fed). For cultivation and agriculture, there are 28 channels and 9 flood protection schemes in the FR.  The total cultivated area in FR Tank is 7,695 hectares, out of which 3,445 hectares is irrigated. Besides that only 15 hectares of land is covered by forest. (Source: FATA Development Statistics 2012).

Main Roads
The total road infrastructure in FR Tank covers a total of 292 km, out of which, black topped roads comprise 218 km and 74 km are shingle roads.

The main villages in FR Tank are: Kanazai Kalai, Chagaraghzi Mela, Larzan, Bara Khan Manrai, Jandola, Shahur, Kirarwain Kala.