Directorate of Projects (DoP) FATA

DoP, housed in the FATA Secretariat, is working efficiently to implement the government’s priorities in FATA. It is managed by the Director General of Projects (DGoP) under the overall leadership and supervision of the Additional Chief Secretary, FATA.

Ever since the development has become the main focus in FATA, the Directorate of Projects was established as a unique body to coordinate, oversee and manage the development interventions by all the international agencies working in FATA. Prior to its establishment, the P&DD was the only available forum to perform the functions of coordination, planning, monitoring and supervision of all development activities in FATA including the foreign funded projects. Owing to its limited human resource capacity and with the addition of foreign donor funded projects, there was a need to establish a specialized institutional entity in the shape of the Directorate of Projects (DoP). Since its inception, DoP is entrusted with the responsibility of focusing on donor funded projects.

Besides liaising with foreign donors, DoP works in close coordination with other departments at FATA Secretariat and effectively articulates their requirements to the donors. In a bid to achieve this, DoP regularly convenes inter-departmental meetings at FATA Secretariat to coordinate sectorial activities of the foreign funded projects. In addition to establishing procedures for obtaining physical and financial data, DoP also carries out monitoring and evaluation functions of the projects, procures short term technical assistance where required in the projects and also organizes seminars/conferences and policy dialogues on different issues in FATA. DoP serves as a research body and publishes thoroughly researched articles and papers besides soliciting expert opinions on the macro level policy formulation.

DoP is the custodian to a number of projects of foreign donors such as; USAID, KfW, GiZ, Governments of Italy, United Arab Emirates, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Multi Donors Trust Fund, World Bank and DFID.


To coordinate with line departments, federal agencies, donors and other International organizations to monitor and evaluate, and in some cases, provide a one-stop shop for channeling new initiatives in synergy with the ongoing development plan of implementation.


The following are the main objectives of the Directorate of Projects:

  • Achieve a synergistically coordinated implementation of development initiatives for sustainable development of FATA.
  • Attain informed planning and optimal development management.
  • Gain higher value from the implementation of development initiatives.
  • Linkages/coordination with FATA Development Authority (FDA) policies for the development of FATA.

Business of the Department

The Directorate of Projects is responsible for the following functions:

  • To coordinate with the line departments, federal agencies, donors and other international organizations to review/facilitate and in some cases provide a one-stop shop for channeling new initiatives in synergy with the on-going development plan implementation.
  • To provide a back-stopping setup to the foreign funded project, in terms of periodic sector analysis, change management, institutional building and other related activities.
  • To develop and stream-line procedures to evaluate financial and physical progress and development (economic/social) impact of on-going projects.
  • To help FATA Secretariat in designing new initiatives and packaged development activities in FATA and present them to donors.
  • To provide technical assistance to foreign funded projects to gain higher value from implementation by identification of resources and channeling inputs in a timely fashion.
  • To manage the training function that also includes carrying out needs assessment, laying down standards, developing capacity development strategies and instituting methodologies based on best practice.
  • To act as a focal point for poppy eradication related activities by collecting data as well as other activities from agencies. To provide a vision and plan for dynamic and equitable group for each agency/area keeping in view its potential, viability along with the development of the system.
  • To undertake baseline surveys and support development of updated databases.
  • To act as a focal point for foreign funded projects, Project Management Units (PMUs) interested with over-seeing project implementation in FATA given to the DoP for implementation and help them solve problems when needed.
  • To serve as a secretariat for the FATA Development Working Party (FDWP) for the development foreign funded projects working under the purview of DoP.
  • To translate assessments into action plans.