Planning & Development Department

It is headed by Secretary P&D, who looks after the affairs of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all development activities related to FATA. The department holds a crucial place in the uplift of FATA.

Business of the Department

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for the following matters:

1) All matters relating to the formulation and approval of development projects, specifically:

·         Policy formulation and coordination of activities relating to the Annual Development Plan, and its review.

·         Processing of all development schemes and proposals submitted by line departments of the FATA Secretariat.

·         Secretarial functions for the Departmental Sub-Committee (DSC).

2) Preparation of Annual Development Plan for FATA.

3) Recommendations for sector-wise/scheme-wise reallocations.

4) Assessment of requirements, programming and negotiations for external economic and technical assistance from donor agencies, through the concerned Federal Government Ministry/Division.

5) Review of the implementation of development projects and programs to identify bottlenecks and take remedial action.

6) Identification of regional sectors and sub-sectors lacking adequate portfolio of projects and taking steps for the preparation of productive project proposals for those areas.

7) Technical and economic appraisal of projects.

8) Coordination with donor agencies for donor funded projects.

9) Collection and maintenance of statistical data necessary for the formulation of economic development policy for FATA.

10) Coordination with the Federal and Provincial Government’s Planning Division/Department/Forums.

11) Preparation of briefs/presentations for various dignitaries/forums regarding development in FATA.

12) Deal with Pak-Army related projects.

13) Allocation of development funds amongst agencies/FRs on the basis of approved policy.

14) MNAs/Senators development programs.

15) Public demands regarding development projects received from various sources.