The South Waziristan Agency was declared an agency in 1895. South Waziristan Agency is the largest in size among all FATA agencies.
These areas did not come under British control until November 1893, when the Amir of Afghanistan signed a treaty renouncing all claims to these territories. After an attack on the Delimitation Commission Escort at Wana in 1894, and subsequent large military operations in 1894-95, a Political Agent for South Waziristan was permanently appointed with its headquarters at Wana; another was appointed for North Waziristan with its headquarters at Miranshah. The post of ‘Resident’ in Waziristan was created in 1908.
The Political Agent in North Waziristan was subordinate to the Resident, who was directly responsible to the Chief Commissioner of then North West Frontier Province. With the withdrawal of Indian government to the settled districts, the regular armed forces were withdrawn and, instead, a local militia was raised in 1900. However, large scale disturbances occurred in 1904, resulting in the murder of the Political Agent and Militia Commandant at Sarwakai. Later, a plot to murder all the British officers, seize the Wana Fort and hand it over to Mullah Powindah, the self-proclaimed king of Waziristan, was exposed. The Political Agent and the Commandant, on the same night, disarmed and dismissed all the Mahsuds from the Militia. A few months later, they were again enlisted, but were once again disbanded in 1906. In 1925 the Royal Air Force pacified Mahsud tribesmen by means of a short bombing campaign.