Administration Infrastructure & Coordination Department

It is headed by a Secretary AI&C, who manages the matters relating to coordination, administration and establishment of FATA Secretariat.

Business of the Department

AI&C is responsible for the following matters relating to coordination, administration and establishment:

(a)   Coordination

  • All matters which require coordination amongst the various departments/subordinate offices of the FATA Secretariat.
  • Governor’s visits.
  • Follow up and implementation of the Governor’s directives.
  • Correspondence with the SAFRON Division and other Federal Government offices/autonomous organizations.
  • Correspondence with the Provincial Government on policy matters.
  • Liaison between the secretariat and its attached directorates.
  • Rules for disposal of business in the FATA Secretariat and in its line departments – creation of new departments/sections/units, change in allocation of business, constitution of a department.
  • Preparation of reports for the Governor, the Federal and Provincial Government.
  • Business relating to the Senate and National Assembly – questions of Senators/MNA's, meetings of Standing Committees on SAFRON.
  • Recommendations for awards to the employees.
  • Nomination of FATA candidates in educational institutions in the settled areas against seats reserved for them.
  • Advice on legal questions, in consultation with the Provincial Law Department or the Secretariat’s legal advisor – including court cases other than service matters.
  • Matters relating to the FATA Development Authority.
  • Matters relating to the FATA Rural Support Program.
  • Liaison and coordination with Media.

(b)   Administration

  • Central pool of cars/vehicles and rules for their usage.
  • Utilities and other common services.
  • Management/maintenance of moveable and immoveable property of the FATA Secretariat headquarters.
  • Official celebrations.
  • Stationery, printing and other office equipment.
  • Library of the FATA Secretariat.
  • Insurance of government property.
  • Staff welfare.
  • Computerization of offices.
  • Residential colony and rest house at the headquarters.
  • Health facilities for the employees.
  • Provision of office and residential accommodation.
  • Registration of deeds and documents.
  • Newspapers and periodicals for the headquarters.
  • Security of the headquarters.
  • Arrangements in connection with official meetings and visits of officers for the purpose.
  • Purchase of durable assets for the FATA Secretariat headquarters.
  • Sale of surplus or unserviceable durable assets of the FATA Secretariat headquarters.
  • Matters relating to non-ministerial (former class IV) employees.


  • All service matters, including court cases of the FATA Secretariat staff.
  • Training to the employees – local and foreign.
  • Maintenance of PERs.
  • Group Insurance/GP Fund/CP Fund.
  • Creation of posts in the department/line directorates directly controlled by the AI&C Department.
  • Conduct anti-corruption cases.
  • Maintenance of service records.