The current population of Mohmand Agency is approximately 627,120 (while 334,453 persons as per 1998 census with a density of 146 persons per square kilometer). The annual growth rate of the population was calculated as 4.28.  According  to  a  recent  estimates  the  population has  now  crossed  0.6  million. The population of the agency is predominantly Muslim (99 %) and about 99.5 % people speak Pushto. (Source: Bureau of Statistics – FATA Cell, 2008-2009).

The major tribes in Mohmand are Mohmand, Safi and Utmankhel. They live in the Mohmand Agency and the Kunar Province of Afghanistan. The Mohmands live on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.  They are well-educated and settled at the gate of the Mohmand Agency.
The Safis, because of their association with the Mohmand, are also called Safi Mohmands. The sub-tribes of Safi are Qandhari, Gurbaz, Masood, Shinwari. The Safi population has been divided in upper Mohmand and lower Mohmand.