Location and Area
Bajaur Agency is the smallest unit of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Geographically, it holds strategic importance for Pakistan and adjoins Malakand Agency on the southeast, Dir District on the northwest, Mohmand Agency on the southwest and Afghanistan on the northwest.
The total area of Bajaur Agency is 1,290 square kilometers. It shares 52 KM long border with Afghanistan’s Kunar province in the northwest. The Bajaur and Mohmand hills of this northern region can be considered as a transition zone.

The terrain of the agency is hilly, rugged, barren, and mostly arid. The hills in the agency have been more or less completely denuded due to the dry climate of the area and excessive deforestation. Roughly, 40% of Bajaur is covered by barren mountains and the remaining 60% by wide valleys. The valley area is mostly broad, open and used as agricultural land. The major river Rud, actually a mountain stream, passes through Khar (agency headquarters) and Nawagai valleys.

The Agency, due to its mountainous terrain has an extreme climate. The winter season begins in November and lasts up to March. Winters are extremely cold and sometimes from December through February the temperature plunges below freezing point.
Bajaur is located at the extreme end of the Himalayan Range, which creates variation and uncertainty in the monsoon rains. Nevertheless, on account of the peculiar geographical position of the area, Bajaur does get its share of rain, with winter and spring rainfall being more predictable than rainfall at other times of the year. The main agricultural areas in the valleys of Bajaur receive about 800 mm of average rainfall per annum.

Land Use
The total cultivated area of the agency is 75,350 hectares, while the uncultivated area is 53,685 hectares. Land under irrigation is around 14,061 hectares and un-irrigated area is over 54,000 hectares. The total area under forest is 87,169 acres. (Source: FATA Development Statistics 2012).

Main Roads
In Bajaur Agency, the total length of the paved roads is around 772 km, out of which 540 km are paved and 232 km are shingle roads. The main traffic corridors in the agency are; Khar-Nawagi Road (28km), Khar-Munda Road (22 km), Khar-Pashat Road (16 km), Loe-Sum to Inzari Road (8km) and Loe-Sum to Hasham Charmang Road (16 km).

The Bajaur Agency is divided into two sub-divisions namely Khar sub-division and Nawagai sub-division and seven Tehsils. Political Tehsildar is the in charge of each Tehsil.

Sub-divisions Tehsils are Khar, Salarzai, Utmanzai, Nawagai, Mamund, Barang and Chamarkand.