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Social Sector Department

Social Welfare is a vital sector of the National Development. It motivates voluntary efforts on the basis of self-help and mobilization of both human and material resources to supplement Government effort and accelerate development process in all walks of life. Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan; Principles of policy clearly states that; State (acting through its government will provide social justice and protect the vulnerable groups, including women and children. The ever increasing poverty in the country and the consequent burden on welfare budget demands for a revolutionary change of concept and development approach towards delivery of social welfare services. Social Welfare Organizations involvement in social welfare varies from one place to another and from on period to another, depending on needs, circumstances and capacities. In essence social welfare must be seen and treated as a continuous and dynamic process,subject to variation in time and place.


The existing scenario of FATA is so deteriorated in all areas of human development. It deprived people even from their basic needs like education, health, agriculture etc. There creates a culture and economic lag between FATA and other developed areas of Pakistan. At present, they are needed to be focused in all areas to improve their life style as they deserve it being citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. If we look back in our history, FATA is always used as a shield to tackle the invaders. FATA have had its own specific and bold character in creation of Pakistan. Tribal Masharan gave great sacrifices for the safety of this country. Therefore, the people of FATA are the most deserving for overall developments in general and Social Welfare in particular. The Department of Zakat & Ushr was started in FATA Secretariat Peshawar in 2008-09 and subsequently, the subject of Social Welfare and Women Empowerment sectors has been added. The Department has been designated Social Welfare, Women Empowerment, Zakat & Ushr in April 2010. Under the 18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan, Twelve Offices, two each in six Agencies, excluding the South Waziristan Agency were vertically controlled by the then Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education have been devolved along with 126 regular Staff including (24) Social Welfare Officer BPS-17 on current budget to Social Welfare, Women Empowerment, Zakat & Ushr FATA Secretariat since 1st April 2011.



  • The social welfare strategy establish the basis of action of the Social Welfare Department both in emergency response operation and the implementation of long term developmental social programs as well as with respect to advocacy issues in the social Development and social action fields.
  • Empowerment of communities, groups and individuals through their active participation in developmental programs for improved social functioning and quality of life.
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive community development plan focusing in health livelihoods, social inclusion and improved nutritional and social status of all vulnerable segments of the population including individuals infected and affected by fatal diseases.
  • Organizational transformation and development for effective management, communication, planning, financial management, reporting and utilization of resources.
  • Developing leadership and a learning organization to capacitate personnel for responsive and effective service delivery.


A positive social change, through development, protection and care to vulnerable and poor communities in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan.


The mission of the Social Welfare, women Empowerment, Zakat & Ushr is to improve the quality of life and social well being of people of the FATA and the provision of comprehensive social protection services against all kinds of vulnerabilities, creation of enabling environment for sustainable development by delivering integrated and quality service in partnership with all those committed to building a caring society.


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