Directorate of Education

The Directorate of Education has continually been working to increase the level of education in FATA, where literacy indicators are lowest in the country. The directorate provides infrastructure and services to encourage attainment of education up to postgraduate level. It is headed by a director, with its field offices in each agency, led by an Agency Education Officer. The Directorate of Education is responsible for the establishment of primary, secondary, higher-secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate educational institutes in each tribal agency, regulation of teachers at all levels and imparting quality education through the use of advance skills/knowledge. The Education Directorate is allocated one of the highest resources in the Annual Development Plan, as well as receives donor’s assistance in order to raise the standards and outreach of education in FATA. One of the reasons for increased available resources for the education sector of FATA is the recent international attention given to it.


Development Strategy

  • Enhance awareness to value good education both for girls and boys throughout FATA.
  • Increase access to education at all levels across all agencies and FRs by substantially decreasing repetitions and dropouts.
  • Promote effective learning of basic skills and knowledge.
  • Build capacity of the directorate to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.
  • Provide sustained and practical training and classroom based coaching to public, private, community and madrassa teachers.
  • Improve the quality of teacher training and teaching by promoting adequate teaching skills and knowledge.
  • Regularly measure classroom teaching and student learning, and thereafter taking decisions for their support, improvement and up-gradation.
  • Create mechanism for effective monitoring and evaluation.